05 October 2009

Press: Yo Dona

"The forest. Cozy patchwork, like grandmother's quilts, nuclear white, washed blue and details based on the sinister and disturbing side of nature, as elk antlers or deer plates, make up the cibelino debut of the brand in which fit winks to the sports aesthetic and the urban culture through footwear: All Star and Doc Martens. Very elaborate clothes with polyhedrons in metal and methacrylate. "
Review and pictures of the collection Citius Altius Fortius at El Ego de Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week spring-summer 2012 by Yo Dona 

Crónica y fotos del desfile Citius Altius Fortius en el Ego de Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week primavera-verano 2010 por Yo Dona