16 September 2009

Press: Yo dona

"Valdnad will present at Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week a collection inspired by sport with a dramatic flair. A work produced using traditional methods, with patchwork garments, embroidery and applications of copper foil sewn on silk or linen, whose final result brings a futuristic touch. The star garment of her work is a cotton dress covered in glass and perspex geometric constructions, a kind of stained-glass window in three dimensions. The idea of the collection is based on the documentary Olympia directed by Leni Riefenstalh, which portrays the Olympic Games held in Nazi Germany. Among her favorites, she admires the personality on the runway of José Castro, along with his flawless technique. Valdnad proposes natural materials and colors for next season as white cotton combined with very dark jeans. In addition, she risks with fluorescent colors and technical fabrics." Follow this link to see the article on the website Yo dona