12 March 2010

Press: Interview with Fusión Asturias

English translation - "Daughter and granddaughter of dressmakers, Ana grew up surrounded by fabrics, patterns and clothing. When growing, she chose to focus her creativity into fashion design and studied at the School of Fashion and Design in Galicia. Today signs her creations with the trade name Våldnad, a Swedish word that is translated by specter or ghost. Her latest designs shone at Pasarela Cibeles 2009."
What would you say is the role of a designer?
I think the designer has to innovate and also convey something when creating a product of quality that can reach people.
When we think of a designer, we think about great fashion shows. How could we live with fashion design in everyday life?
I think we must differentiate. On one side there are the proposals made primarily for the catwalk, a show, because with them we want to convey an idea, or at least is what I do, instead of made something people will wear in the streets. And secondly, we have more commercial proposals where everyone has to find and choose what they think is more in his or her nature. Designers only propose.
What do you look for in a design to convince you?
I like garments with an important research behind their design, either pattern, fabrics, finishes ... and also a solid concept. That a designer do not think only in making a "cute" dress.
What inspires Ana Pérez for Våldnad?
All around you influences what you design. I like to start a collection from movies, art, literature, history and science to create a collection, and thereafter investigate fabrics and materials, cuts ...
Why do you think you were choosen in the section of young designers of Cibeles?
I do not know. I have tried to do something different with this collection and work to the maximum. But I also know that there are many designers with very interesting proposals and reach catwalks like this one is difficult. You need someone to trust in you and your work and give you that push to take the first step.
What's left of that experience? Have you changed your job prospects?
It was a very good platform to publicize my designs, and is an experience of what I have learned a lot. As regards the work, for now I'm still looking.
What do you think is the current designer-Spanish or foreign, which is contributing more to fashion?
Hussein Chalayan. I think he has a unique vision of fashion, very close to other artistic disciplines, and uses able to talk about issues such as religion, immigration or climate, always creating cuts, materials and silhouettes very new.
With what we're going to be surprised near future, what is your future plan?
I am preparing a new collection, but still a little green. And I look forward to participating in other catwalks, contests or showrooms.

February, 2010