05 December 2010

Detritus or the EndGame

First pictures of the new collection entitled Detritus or the EndGame.

Asymmetric alpaca skirt with LEDs and creepers.

Biodegradable dress made with an old sheet covered with silk, flowers, leaves, carnivorous plants, ferns, moss, mushrooms, chestnuts, stalactites... (time: 30hours)

Two overlapping skirts with a bustle made of an air bag with flowers, leaves and ribbons.
Cotton top with opened back and antique bottles and cups on the front (time: 12hours). Vintage negligee.

Cotton striped top with embroidered shoulder straps and dinosaur toys. The navel is surrounded with a frame.
Pom-pom skirt (time: 20hours). Wool jacket.

Embroidered and hand painted jacket with marine motifs on a embroidered bodysuit (time: 61hours). Wool collar with fern and toys braided (time: 16hours). Wool and damask pants with bronze molding over the knee.

 Wool dress with patchwork back (time: 34hours). Patchwork and embroidered collar with stones, tassels and a small vessel.

Patchwork style shirt. Cotton skirt with padded waist and belt made of leather, flowers, spikes and small peppers.

Toile de Jouy bodysuit embroidered and painted with fantastic plants, animals, garden gnomes, fireworks or even a bathtub that blend in with the background (time: 70hours).  Skirt made of hand-woven wool mixed with recycled figures and small daily items (time: 15hours). 

Wool and printed cotton cape. Heart shaped pendant covered with shells. Wooden small boat.

Cotton draped shirt with clay and cement breastplate, covered with moss. Silk foulard with embossed paper mask. Damask pants covered with moss and bark.

Oviedo-Tineo. October - November, 2010
Photos: Ana Pérez