26 May 2013

Press: Vogue Spain

Review of the collection Folie à Plusieurs showcased at EGO the last February by Flora González for  Vogue Spain
Crónica de la colección Folie à Plusieurs presentada en el EGO el pasado mes de Febrero por Vogue España

Translation: "In a post-apocalyptic, mysterious, exotic scenario emerge a new era drinking of the style of past cultures. Ana Pérez Valdés reinvented her perception of fashion with Folie à Plusieurs, a reflection on modern myths with strong artistic and cinéphiles influences. The fringes, the paillettes and the patchwork create unusual garments with unconventional shapes that radiate a tragic air. In addition, the designer's artistic training is reflected in the winks to the darkest period of Goya.

A westernized geisha, an anarchic warrior, a dethroned princess... Survivors follow one another on the catwalk recreating the rebirth of a new civilization. The influences of the horror B movies from the 60s are evident in the craftsmanship and intriguing aesthetics ranging between a daily look and bright silk night garments.

The worn colors in muted tones like gray, mint green or dusty pink make up this dramatic and tragic vision that as a metaphor analyzes the current complicated situation. The cloth coexists with profuse silks and embroideries on the cloths telling stories: elements associated with magic, alchemy and medieval mysticism. In short, a collection that reminds us of witches, wizards and romantic princesses."

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