Georgina is the heroine of The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover, a disturbing tale where hell and heaven are situated inside a restaurant, created by the British filmmaker Peter Greenaway in 1989. She is a suffering woman, hurt and humiliated by her husband who finally finds love in a secret relation with a silent man. Unfortunately, her happiness doesn't last long because of her husband,but in the end, she returns him all the pain caused in one of the most unforgettable revenge in film history.

This is the name chosen for Våldnad new line of bodywear and fetish accessories. A strong, sensuous heroine, a kind of postmodern Eva who after being expelled from Paradise, comes back to make up her place. Made to order, limited editions and one of a kind lingerie. Bodysuits, miniskirts, nightgowns, masks and harness in luxury materials and details made by hand. Also fetish and fantasy collections inspired by the hidden side of art, life and eroticism.